“I love Mondays!” … says no one headed to the office on a Monday morning. The alarm clock wakes up the Monday blues and ushers in the frustration, deep sighs and rolled eyes of the dreaded start to the work week. “I wish it was Friday” is the refrain on the commute. Maybe your work week starts on Wednesday or the night shift defines your career, but to the “Monday blues” we can all relate.

Sadly, we’re wrong. The Monday song we sing, while well known, isn’t true. Or at least not primarily true. The song God wrote soars with “I love Monday” as the refrain but we’ve replaced it with a far more hopeless, dangerous one: one that drowns out the joy and goodness of Monday. Are you willing to flip the script? Or, better yet, just read and embrace the script God wrote?

May I remind us all of the world’s first “Monday”: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

No Monday blues. No disappointment that it’s Monday. No hesitation to get out of bed. Instead, like a child on Christmas morning, God bursts with energy, joy and anticipation. And in the very first verse of the Bible He chooses to work (not rest) and it was good.

How have we gotten so far from God’s lyrics? What have we missed by writing our own song? How have we cheated our neighbors, and our city, by our approach to Mondays?

Let’s look together at God’s script (the Bible), and remind ourselves of a few things He designed for this Monday.

God is a worker. We could argue it’s the first thing He tells us about Himself in Genesis. As a fully complete, perfect, joyful being, He works. Stare in awe at the God of work for a moment.

God created humanity in His image. And then He immediately gave them work to do (Genesis 1:26-28). Before there was sin or brokenness in any form, males and females were given work. Sure, sin brought brokenness into both work and rest; we don’t experience either without frustration. But work, both paid and unpaid, and rest are still gifts. Dorothy Sayers paints a beautiful picture of work:

“Work is not, primarily, a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do. It is, or should be, the full expression of the worker’s faculties, the thing in which he finds spiritual, mental, and bodily satisfaction, and the medium in which he offers himself to God.”

God’s call to honor Him and love our neighbor occurs through our work. In Genesis God gave us all the job of working together to make a world of order, creativity and goodness. What if we all just stopped working? No more medical professionals. No more janitors. No more parents. No more computer technicians. My life would be radically altered — and not for the better. One of the ways we love each other is by doing our work well. And all of us working well make a better city. The fact that you work today serves and blesses me. Thank you. I mean that seriously and deeply. Thank you for loving me by doing your work.

So, yes, I love Mondays. Or that’s at least the song I’m trying to remind myself to sing. (I’m not a morning person so I probably don’t love them until a little later than some of you.) When I begrudge my tasks, which I do sometimes, I’m missing the character of God as a worker. When I avoid the work God gave me, I diminish my humanity as one created in His image. And when I slack at my job, I fail to love you well; please forgive me.

But when I sing the song God wrote, I find glimpses of God’s character in ways I previously missed. I experience more of my humanity, not less, and I make positive progress in my quest to love my neighbor.

Mondays aren’t perfect. Until heaven (where we will work, by the way) they won’t be. But I’m becoming more convinced that they might be the best day of the week.


Kathy Harrelson



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