Community is such a strange word; it encompasses the largest part of our small world and connotes the similarities we all share. In a world that glorifies individualism, I see those screaming out to belong to a community. As we gravitate to those who hold similar beliefs, our community grows. The growth can be seen in sheer population, but the greatest potential for growth is seen within each member of the community. The greatest growth that I have experienced is in my home group.

We started as an amalgamation of believers who had decided to seek out a new home group. The reasons for such a small journey varied: everything from needing a different meeting time to a closer geographic location. Each person in our “new” home group had sought Christ Chapel Bible Church (CCBC) out after previously attending another church in the area. The catalysts for leaving one church and coming to CCBC were as unique as each person in the group. We were in a metaphorical sense, “the Island of Misfit Toys.” Brought together from various circumstances for a purpose. Now, none of us are “misfits” as we have bonded into a purposeful, driven collection of believers who love and support each other. It is very evident when we have our first gathering after a break, the first comment heard is “I missed you guys.”

Each member of my home group makes me a stronger person and enhances my walk with the Lord. My friends in my home group are part of my 13:20 Club. Solomon gave sage advice when he said, “Walk with the wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” Walking amongst my community bolsters me, lifts me up and helps me thrive. I am so thankful for my friends in home group, the friends I have at CCBC and those I am fortunate enough to interact with, even if it is only on a Sunday.

Bob Akin, Jr.



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