Has there ever been a summer like the one we’re living in? Honestly, a walk to the mailbox feels like an excursion. Don’t get me started on a trip to the grocery store or driving across town. I’ll need to lay down and take a nap from the social exposure and interaction. By now even the homebodiest of us is ready to break out and be somewhere … anywhere … other than home. Your summer plans may have changed, but the good news is that there’s still plenty of places to seek out a little adventure outdoors and close to home. Grab a mask and use these suggestions for some safely and socially distanced mini-adventures.

Trinity Trails
There are some parts of the Trinity Trails that really make me feel like I’m on an adventure — the trees arch over the well-trodden paths and the river is running right alongside me. It’s a picturesque place even if you’re not planning to go too far. If you prefer the water, you can rent a paddleboard or kayak at Panther Island. Another idea? Get a portable hammock (you can find inexpensive ones online) and set up in a shady spot near the river. It’s perfect for hanging out and staying socially distant with friends.

Your own neighborhood!
Okay, I know – this one is crazy, but hear me out. I was walking in my neighborhood last week and started to realize just how attuned I’ve become to details of all my neighbors’ yards. I found myself saying, “(Gasp) Did they get a new pillow for that chair?!” and “Hey, that dog doesn’t bark at me anymore!” I have a whole slew of people and dogs I wave to now and it feels much more like a little community. And, who says you have to walk? Ride your bicycle, push that stroller, scoot on that scooter — it’s totally your call.

Hike in nearby state park
I know we’re getting to the hottest part of the entire year, but we have a plethora of state parks in any given direction that offer all the space you need for a little family hike. Here are a few suggestions for you to look into:  Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge; Cedar Hill State Park; Mountain Creek Lake Park; Fish Creek Forest Preserve; Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway; Ray Roberts Lake State Park; Eagle Mountain Park.

Hunt Dinosaur Tracks in Glen Rose
The Dinosaur Valley State Park is open and waiting for your own Jurassic Park excursion. If you’ve never chased down the dino tracks left in this park, go see it for yourself in Glen Rose.

Coyote Drive-In
For anyone who’d rather wait out the heat and head out at night, the Coyote Drive-In is open and showing family favorites and former summer blockbusters most every night.

Blueberry picking
My friends and I have been visiting Blueberry Hill Farm in Edom, TX for years and can attest that their homemade blueberry soft serve, pie and donuts are not to be missed. Plus, you’ll have plenty of space in their fields to be away from others and pick as many blueberries as you can carry. The farm closes for the season on July 25, so you’ve got just a couple more weeks to make the trek!

Farm and Cheese Tours at Veldhuizen Family Farm
Ever wondered what it takes to create your favorite cheese? There’s a local farm that will show you the entire process from cow to kitchen counter. They offer farm and cheese tours on different days, so check their website for the latest info.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
As a drive-thru safari, Fossil Rim is a chance to see over 50 different animal species up close, but from your car — giraffes, ostriches, zebras, wildebeest and more!

Camp in the backyard
Who says you have to leave home to have an adventure? Set up your tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars for a change. Plus, you can still pop back into the house for amenities like snacks, flashlights and a bathroom.

Practice your put
Whether you prefer the driving range, putting practice or a round of mini-golf, the great thing about the game is that you’re outside and spaced apart! Need a few suggestions? Try Leonard’s Golf Links, Fort Worth public courses, Benbrook Par 3 or Hidden Valley Miniature Golf.

Book a mini-retreat
Getaway is a company that offers tiny, modern cabins nestled right in nature. They have cabins just a couple hours’ drive from DFW, which gives you the opportunity to stay fairly close to home, but still unplug from the everyday.



Kids Kamp is here for the summer!
Looking for more activities for your kids this summer? We’ve put the entire Real Heroes Kids Kamp experience online for the summer — games, family activities, art projects, videos and cartoons, music videos and Bible stories. There’s even a schedule and supply list to help you plan, so swoop to our website to begin your Real Hero adventure today.

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