Falling back into a routine after summer isn’t easy. There have been trips and long weekends as lazy as can be. The kids have been out of school without permission slips to chase down and homework to complete every night. Your calendar loosened up and time actually seemed to slow down. But now … fall is back and everything seems to be rushing in to fill our schedules. After so much freedom, finding your way back into a routine can feel like a drag, but there really are great things about a new season, new rhythms and even new routines.

Take a minute and think. We’re at the beginning of a new month and season. Although fall doesn’t technically begin for two more weeks, our schedules are already shifting with three solid months ahead of us. What do you want this season to look like? How do you want to grow? What do you want to focus on?

To help, we’ve put together a few suggestions for fall routines. If you’re looking for more community, a way to know more people at Christ Chapel or an opportunity to grow some deeper roots in your faith, keep reading!

Home Groups
Seven years ago, I was new to town and lacking as much in the friend department as my bank account was from being newly graduated and without a job. I needed people in my life as much as my schedule needed something to look forward to and so, I joined a home group. I didn’t know anyone when I signed up and I didn’t even know if I’d be staying at Christ Chapel, but as the fall continued on I started looking forward to our Thursday night meetings. We got together at our leader’s house and talked through the fall sermon series, sharing life and food and stories along the way. Though I can’t remember it now, I’m sure not every moment was perfect. I’m sure I didn’t always know what to say and I bet I even wondered if any long-lasting friends would come from the group. But I kept going and talking, making connections and writing in “home group” to my Thursday night calendar. That routine not only gave shape to my fall but also friendships I still have today. I not only learned God’s faithfulness as we talked about the Bible, but He made Fort Worth feel more like home through the group I’d joined.

Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies
We’re crazy blessed at Christ Chapel to have Men’s and Women’s Ministries that are deeply dedicated to not only helping people better understand the Bible, but also grow closer to God personally. Literally thousands of people are attending their weekly Bible studies (Band of Brothers and Women in the Word) — it’s a party and you’re totally invited! No matter what campus you attend or if you go in the morning or evening, at our men’s and women’s Bible studies you’ll get placed at a table with other men or women of all different ages and spend the next few months learning together each week. You’ll have the opportunity to share a meal every week and get to know people you might otherwise never meet.

Church on Sundays + the Fall Series
You know how it goes … you had a busy Saturday with soccer games and a birthday party and errands all afternoon. Or maybe you were out of town visiting your old roommate who moved to Austin. Or you chased the grandkids all day and dropped at bedtime completely exhausted. Whatever the case, you’re not alone if you’ve ever woken up on a Sunday morning and thought, “Ehhhhh, I think I’ll stream this morning.” The Internet Campus is a pretty fantastic place to be with a cup of coffee and your pjs, but the thing is – there’s no replacement for being at church and surrounded by others while you worship Jesus and learn something incredible about His character and love for you. Truly, there’s never been a Sunday when I came to church and regretted it later. So this fall, I’m making it my routine to show up every week. And to say hello to everyone around me and to be thankful that we’re all here. We’re starting an incredible new series on Sunday, Sept. 22 and from the preview I’ve seen, we’re not going to want to miss a single week of it. Why not make Sundays at Christ Chapel part of your routine this fall? I don’t think you’ll regret it. And, if you go to Converge at the Fort Worth Campus – I’ll see you there!

Find a Way to Serve
The amazing thing about being a part of a church like Christ Chapel is that there are so many ways you can serve. Whatever your gifting or however you’re wired, the Local Outreach ministry can definitely help you find your place. Really – just head to the website if you don’t believe me! And if you’re thinking that every way to serve happens on a Sunday, let me tell (in the nicest possible way) that’s not true! Thrive mentors meet with their mentees on any and every day of the week. Ministry partners like Justin’s Place and World Relief and Center of Hope have opportunities on weekdays and weekends. You can help a teacher or tutor a kiddo in reading on your lunch hour. You can write in your free time or take photos at Christ Chapel events. Really – the options are endless and the beauty of it is that serving regularly weaves a lot more into your life than routine. It introduces you to people you otherwise may never meet. It helps you see another part of the church or another ministry in town. And it gives you the opportunity to focus on others. Really, serving may sound like the spiritual version of eating your vegetables, but it actually feels a lot like being handed a double-scoop ice cream cone — an unexpected gift and total delight.


Ok, that may have only been four ideas for adding routine to your fall, but I hope it sparks something in you. The season is changing and I know that God has good things for all of us in the months ahead. Here’s to making the most of these months and the beauty that can come from adding a little routine to our weeks and days.


Caitlin Rodgers




Fall at Christ Chapel
We’re so excited for the fall at Christ Chapel! If you’re looking for a way to get involved by serving or connecting to the CCBC community, we’re here to help. From Bible studies to home groups and ways to serve, you can make the most of your fall with us. Click here to learn about this fall’s opportunities.



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