My wife, Sarah, and I love to serve and we serve with five basic principles in mind: oneness, humility, excellence, enthusiasm and, finally, the thought that everything we do matters.

“Oneness” means we are one in marriage, one in Spirit and one in Christ. I can’t serve effectively without the support of my wife, without clearly hearing the Holy Spirit and I sure can’t effectively serve if I am not in Christ and in His Word. Oneness means I put aside self and I focus on my wife and others while focusing on the cross. Sarah’s  prayers, encouragement and support — our “oneness” — allows me to effectively serve others with humility, excellence and enthusiasm in His name.

Serving with humility means I am not going to be picky with my jobs. Serving with excellence means I am going to do the best job I can do. Serving with enthusiasm means I am not going to be a jerk when I serve! There are many different types of service opportunities with many types of jobs I would rather not do, but once I make the commitment to serve, I want to be willing to serve anywhere, anytime to anyone and to minister with the same love and grace that Christ shows me. The feet I might be asked to wash may be the dirtiest, filthiest feet in the world, but they are the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I am going to wash those feet just as Christ washes feet, with love and grace. I might go into a job site expecting to cut trees, but if I am  asked to build a fence, I am going to build the best fence I can with a smile on my face.

Serving with the idea that everything we do matters, that with every action we do, every word we speak, every breath we take, we are either helping or hurting His kingdom. There is no in between, no resting; you are either bringing people closer to Him or or you are not. We believe that everything we do matters and one word or one action can change our world forever.

We want to encourage others through our actions and our words to get out of your “safe zone” and step out on faith to do the works He has put in front of us. Everybody hurts, everybody needs the love of Christ, that includes the greeter at Walmart, the beggar on the street and the person sitting next to you on your pew. Love is an action word, we encourage everyone to become an “active” lover of Christ through service to others.

Do your words and actions really matter? We think they do. In fact, an example of this is my wife, Sarah. I would not be here writing this if it were not for her. It is only because of her and her relationship with Christ that I’m the man I am today and therefore able to serve in the capacity that I do.

My wife is adopted and if it wasn’t for her mother, who chose to adopt her 52 years ago, I would not be here writing this today. 12 years ago, my mother-in-law invited me to a spiritual retreat called “Walk to Emmaus” that set me on this service journey. If she had not made the choice 52 years ago to adopt Sarah, or hadn’t asked me to that retreat, I would not be the man I am today.

My wife’s real mother, her biological mother, a woman we do not know the name of, made the choice to place her child, my wife, up for adoption in 1966. That choice is still playing itself out 52 years later. If she had chosen a different alternative, I would not be writing this and you would not be reading this, and therefore our lives are different because of one choice of one woman.

Yes, everything we do or say matters.

Sarah and I love to serve others. When we serve, we are not focusing on our own troubles and problems, we are focusing on Christ and his children and we receive more blessings than we ever give out. We want to encourage you to step out of your normal, safe routine and serve others in the name of Christ. We encourage you to speak truth and hope to everyone you meet; for you never know when the words you speak can change our world.


Shawn McCormick



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