Read Psalm 40


I was the classic kid at Christmas time — horribly impatient. Every year, I’d track down where the gifts were hidden. No place was too secret for my skills. Next, if they were wrapped (which my mom probably did early to keep me from looking), I’d carefully peel back the corners of a gift, hoping my mom wouldn’t notice. All of this sleuthing because I just couldn’t wait the couple weeks or so to find out if I was getting a Care Bears backpack or a Cabbage Patch doll.

Fast forward 30 years, and I’m honestly still having a few issues with that golden virtue.


When I was a new believer, David’s Psalm 40 completely resonated with me and I claimed it as my own testimony. He’s in a pit either of his own making or one thrust upon him by his enemies. He’s not sweating it because he’s patiently waiting on the Lord to act. God rescues him from that mire and puts David’s feet upon a firm foundation. If I read through all of this at a surface level, I whole-heartedly agree. The Lord has rescued me from a lifestyle of sin and eternal death. But if I’m honest with myself, I get a portion of it terribly wrong — the patiently waiting part. When ❲insert circumstance❳ doesn’t go my way, I become horribly impatient. Too often, I want things to happen on my timeline. And when they don’t, I want to rush in with my own plan B. The promise I forget is that God is working all things out for my good. For His glory (Romans 8:28). I foolishly want to trade my sanctification for instant gratification.

It’s been an age-old problem, that patience thing. Take Adam and Eve; they didn’t exactly wait on God’s promises. When sin entered the garden on that first bite, God knew. He knew and had planned the ultimate rescue plan for those-who-cannot-wait. That plan’s name is Jesus. God sent His Son to a humble manger and then later to a crude cross. For all of us. He delivered Jesus to an eagerly anticipating world who needed Him desperately for the deliverance of sins.

Where is your heart this Christmas season? Are you impatiently waiting for God to act in the way you think is best? Or, are you eagerly anticipating that the God of all creation has a loving plan to give you hope and a future?

My prayer is that you trust that God is with you in the waiting. He’s the only one proven to deliver perfectly-timed gifts.


Sally Loisel



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