College Spring Break 2020


Christ Chapel’s College Ministry is going to serve and love the people of Belize! Our team will travel to the southern part of the country where our brothers and sisters are in need. We will be running a children’s program where we get to love the kids of Belize as Christ does, and we’ll also get to tackle several construction projects to bless these people!

Evenings will be spent at our hotel, worshiping and bonding as a community. Days will be spent pouring out everything we have in the surrounding villages. It will be a trip that (most likely) changes your life!

Trip dates: March 7 to 14, 2020

Trip cost: $1,750 per person


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Steps to Complete

1. Application


Everyone must apply online by Jan. 5 … even if you have already given us your trip deposit or written your name on a list! The above button will direct you to log in to your CCBC account. Once logged in, you will be able to register anyone associated with that account.

If you do not have a CCBC account, you will have to register for one online to apply to this trip. For help logging into or creating your account, please contact Karen at or 817-546-0811.


  • Travel Beneficiary – Type their first and last name, and their relationship to you. CCBC purchases travel insurance on your behalf. It is part of your trip cost. Please list a beneficiary for your insurance should something happen to you. This is most often a parent, spouse, sibling or child. DO NOT leave this blank or list yourself as the beneficiary! You will get an email when the insurance is purchased, about a week before your trip.
  • Medical Limitations & Allergies – Fill this in if you have allergies that require medical attention (medicines, bee stings, etc.). If you have any medical limitations, please list here (asthma, diabetes, daily medications, etc. that are vital for health, not vitamins!)
  • Emergency Contact – This is the person in the U.S. whom you want contacted in case of an emergency.

All the information gathered above will be given to your trip leader to access throughout the trip.

2. Deposit

Required pre-trip deposits begin as soon as your application has been approved. (Please apply before making a deposit. No CCBC staff member can submit your application for you. You must do it yourself online.)

The deposit for this trip is: $350

Any checks will be processed upon the completion of your online application and acceptance onto the trip, not before. Once processed, all giving to missions at Christ Chapel, including your trip deposit, is considered a donation and is non-refundable.

Do it Online

You can give your deposit online, bring a check or cash to CCBC or mail a check to the church, ATTN: Global Missions (3701 Birchman Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76107). Contact Maggie Streelman at or 562-623-7838 if you wish to personally deliver a cash or check deposit.

Financial questions? Reach out to Ben Fuqua to talk about potential scholarships that may be available. Email him at or call/text him at 214-458-4404.

3. Fundraising & Tax Info

Online Fundraising:
Christ Chapel has an online tool similar to GoFundMe that you can utilize to raise funds for your trip from your social accounts and via email, etc. Funds will go directly into your trip profile so you can see exactly where you are. To use online fundraising, follow these instructions:

Participant Page

  1. Tap or click the above button.
  2. If not currently logged in to your Christ Chapel account (your email and password), select “Login” from the top, right corner of the window and log yourself in. Once logged in, your profile and fundraising progress will appear within the trip details page. Tap or click the “Participant Page” button.
  3. On your participant page, tap or click “Edit Profile.”
  4. Complete the Personal Opportunity Introduction. This text will show up on your digital fundraising page. Add or update your photo. (Please note: this updates your photo on your Christ Chapel record, so use the crop tool to show only your face. No group photos, please!)
  5. Tap or click the “Save” button.
  6. After you personalize your page, use the links to post your fundraiser to the platform of your choice.* You can also use the green email button to include the information and link in an email to your friends and family.
    *At this time Instagram isn’t available, so you can use “Copy Profile Link” and create your own Instagram post.

Fundraising Letter:
If you have family members or coworkers who would prefer a more traditional fundraising letter, here is a PDF template for you to use. Complete your personal letter in the space provided. Please do not change any of the text in the sidebar or at the bottom. Also, do not use any CCBC logo without permission. (For special permission, please email Danella Hitri.) Click the button below to download.

Fundraising Letter Template

If you need any help with the above steps, please email Danella at

Fundraising Event:
Each year we do mission trips, we’ll help out with some of the fundraising needed by hosting a joint fundraiser for both the College and Renovate young adult mission trips to Belize. This is a parody race called the “Renovate Point 5K.” Find out more about this event at the button below.

Renovate Point 5K

Elder Guidelines:
The elder guidelines at Christ Chapel require EACH trip participant to be fully funded before they leave on the trip. Please be in contact with us before you get to the end and are not funded. We do not want any miscommunication to occur that would prevent you from going.

Important Tax Information for your Parents/Relatives:
All monetary gifts are tax deductible and non-refundable. Please have all checks made out to “Christ Chapel Bible Church” or “CCBC.” Any excess funds raised will be used toward global mission endeavors as directed by Christ Chapel.

If a cash donation is given, please include the name and address of the donor on a note with the cash donation so that the donor can receive the tax deduction for their donation.

4. Passport

Your passport must still be valid for 6 months from the date of return. For this trip, your passport must be valid through Sep. 14, 2020. It can take up to 6 to 8 weeks to process passports and renewals, so don’t hesitate! We recommend renewing no later than Jan. 11.

To reapply or apply for a passport, all the info you will need is found at

Text a clear* pic of your valid passport to Danella Hitri at 682-215-2590 to check this off your list before Jan. 5*(Clear means: color, no cropped edges, flat, absolutely no glare! Come by the church office and we’ll be happy to make a crisp copy for you! – 3701 Birchman Ave.)

We retain a copy for your benefit in case something were to happen to yours while outside the U.S. We would communicate with our Embassy in Belize should something like this happen, and a good-quality copy of your passport is very helpful in this situation.

5. Liability Waiver

A liability waiver is required for this trip. Please use the following button to download the 2020 Belize Waiver of Liability document, sign it, and bring the original physical signed papers to your team leadership no later than Feb. 2. The CDC Info PDF (second button) is an attachment referenced in the liability document and should be reviewed by all trip participants but is not necessary to print or turn back in.

Liability Waiver (PDF) CDC Info (PDF)

If you don’t have access to a printer we can help you with that at a team meeting.

6. Screening

If you’ve ever gone through screening at Christ Chapel, you may SKIP THESE STEPS! However, our Screening Department may reach out to you to update some training or information, so keep checking your email. (Yes people, email is a thing!)

New to Screening? Christ Chapel has a screening process for active volunteers working with minors. As a mission trip participant, you are an active volunteer and will be in contact with children. All steps of the screening must be completed before you leave for Belize.

Step 1:

Download the CCBC Volunteer Application, fill it out, and click the submission button on the PDF.

New Application

Submit your application by Feb. 2.

Step 2:

Our Screening Director will begin contacting your 3 references and you will also receive a personalized link from “MSafe” via email (yes, check your EMAIL!) for MinistrySafe online training (look in your spam folder if you do not see it). You must complete the training and pass the quiz at the end by Feb. 9.

Already done MinistrySafe training?

If you completed this training within 2 years of the date of return for this trip, you will not be asked to do it again. Also, if you have completed MinistrySafe training through another organization, you may skip this step by emailing a PDF of your certificate to our Screening Director (must be MinistrySafe, specifically, and be within 2 years of the date of return for this trip).

Step 3:

Volunteer screening for working with minors at Christ Chapel requires a background check. You will receive an email from CCBC with a link to the “Background Check Authorization Form.” Take just 5-7 additional minutes to authorize this check. This link expires, so please complete within 5 business days of receiving the email. This step is ultimately due Feb. 23.

Step 4:

Volunteer screening for working with minors at Christ Chapel also requires a one-on-one interview with a trained church staff member. We will set up a time to interview you one-on-one.

7. Pack

Travel light. One carry-on and one checked bag* is plenty. (You’ll be carrying your own bags and must be able to walk with them.)

Suggested Packing List (PDF)
Page 2 of the PDF contains some additional info about carry-on luggage, personal items, checked bags, liquids/gels, etc.

Here are some helpful guidelines from American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

*You are responsible for any additional fees associated with your luggage. Please check the airline associated with your specific itinerary for information on included bags and/or a schedule of fees.

Important Dates

  • October 20 – Application opens
  • October 21 – Start raising money
  • November 9 – Deposits due
  • December 15 – Team Meeting #1
  • January 5 – Passport copies due; deadline to apply
  • February 2 – Team Meeting #2; liability waivers and new volunteer applications due
  • February 9 – MinistrySafe due
  • February 23 – Team Meeting #3; background check authorization due
  • March 1 – Team Meeting #4; 100% of funds due
  • March 7-14 – Belize!

Do It!

"This was my first time on the trip—best decision ever made. I didn't know the details or the cost, but I knew I was going, and it was the best experience of my life!"

"I was able to get to know a ton of new friends so deeply so quickly—which is honestly something I didn't think would happen ... and now I have an awesome community at the church!"

"I found my community, and I found a lot of friends that I am genuinely happy to be friends with. I never thought that would happen and I'm glad I went!"

"I don't think I ever expected to get this close to so many people and to learn so much about myself and God's character and His faithfulness. It just blew away my expectations."

Trip Contacts

Ben Fuqua

Life Stage 2 Pastor


Danella Hitri

Global Missions Assistant


Maggie Streelman

Life Stage 2 Ministry Assistant