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Mission Statement:

The Center for Christian Growth (CCG) exists to cultivate the spiritual and leadership development of believers through Christ-centered learning experiences in order to launch them into active ministry. 



John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach who won ten NCAA National Championships in a 12-year period, used to start every year teaching his players how to properly put on their socks and shoes. One of the most famous recruits and future NBA star, Bill Walton, was shocked and dismayed at this but later in life acknowledged that this foundational lesson was the initial lesson for “everything we would need to know for the rest of our lives.”

Like Wooden, our Grow Ministry believes in the importance of understanding the foundations. Our Foundations for Spiritual Growth course explains the five foundational goals for the Christian life.

1. Worship: To worship God in every area of life

2. Community: To connect with others in biblical community

3. Service: To serve others sacrificially

4. Discipleship: To grow in Christlikeness

5. Evangelism: To actively share your faith

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey – whether you’re a seasoned Christian or a brand new believer – it’s always beneficial to go back to the foundations.



To help you grow, we’re dedicated to teaching the Bible in a way that’s Monday-morning-relevant and that connects to every part of your life and spiritual journey. We have four different categories of classes to choose from, so take a look and see which one is the right fit for you! 

Men's and Women's Bible Studies

Band of Brothers


Men’s Bible Study

Current Study: “Eyes on the Prize”

We put a high priority on teaching God’s Word in the context of community because we believe that the Bible, in combination with genuine community, provides the wisdom and encouragement we need to live as godly men in the midst of an ungodly world. Meeting weekly at all three campuses, Band of Brothers is our chance to do just that.


Women in the Word


Women’s Bible Study

You’re invited to rest, connect with other women and walk a little deeper in your understanding of who God is and how He loves you at Women in the Word. Come plant yourself in God’s Word and our growing community of Christ Chapel women.


Everyday Theology Classes

Old Testament Survey


Have you ever wanted to read through the Old Testament, but gave up when it seemed too baffling or intimidating? Do you want to understand it better? Now’s your chance to proceed chronologically through each book to experience the unfolding story of God’s relationship to the world. As your “tour guide,” Dr. Bill Egner will also reveal the presence of Jesus in the Old Testament and give you applications for your life as you gain a whole new understanding of God’s character, words and work. Don’t miss this opportunity!

*Not currently meeting

Habits of Grace


How can I grow, deepen and maintain an intimate relationship with God? Over the centuries many answers to that question have been suggested. However you’d like to look at it, growing deeper in your relationship with God and maintaining that intimate friendship boils down to a few key concepts. In this class, Dr. Doug Cecil will share what he has learned over his 47 years of walking with the Lord. If you are interested in deepening your relationship with God, this is the class for you.


Our Beliefs: What We Believe and Why It Matters


Not currently meeting

Do you want to know what Christ Chapel believes? This class will introduce you to our doctrine — everything we believe about God, His character, the Bible and our relationship with Him. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or are just exploring the faith, this class is a place to ask questions and look for answers about who God is, how we can know Him and what role we can play in His mission.

Life Stage Classes (Fort Worth Campus Only)



Meeting Oct. 18 and Nov. 15
9:30 to 10:45 a.m.
Oak Room

Our mission is to present the Word of God in such a manner that it is accessible to and understandable by the members of the class. Our method of study is a verse-by-verse analysis through books of the Bible. We believe that the Word of God is powerful and, if clearly presented, will do its work in the lives of the listeners.

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Adults in their 50s and early 60s

Meeting Nov. 8
9:30 to 10:45 a.m.
Oak Room

The Harvesters class consists mostly of adults in their 50s and better. Come be with other believers who are excited about studying God’s Word in a family atmosphere. No experience necessary!

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Not currently meeting
Singles in their 40s and 50s

Singularity is a group of singles in their 40s and beyond that, thanks to their common love for God, feels like a family. The goal every Sunday is the same: study the Bible so that we can know God more and understand how our relationship with Him impacts every part of our lives. Plus, after class we always head out to lunch together. Thanks to Fort Worth’s incredible selection, it’s a new dining experience every week!

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Adults in their 40s and 50s

Meeting Nov. 1 and Nov. 22
9:30 to 10:45 a.m.
Oak Room

Renew is a Sunday-morning community consisting mostly of adults in their 40s and 50s. Our goal is to deepen our faith through dedication to Bible study and an emphasis on fellowship, missions and service. Join us and dig deeper!

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Married adults in their 30s and early 40s

Ignite is a gathering of folks in their 30s and early 40s. Our goal is to integrate biblical truth into our lives so that we will be equipped to love Jesus more deeply, better love our spouses and be able to raise our kids with a biblical worldview. Join us on Sunday mornings for peer-led teaching, table discussions and fellowship.

For questions about Ignite and any LS3 events, please contact Joann Pegues at JoannP@christchapelbc.org.

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Whether you’re married, engaged, or almost there — this is a great place to discover God’s mission for your relationship and learn practical ways to love and honor one another. AVENEW is designed to get you and your significant other on the same path in your relationship. We’ve identified 12 major areas of life that collide when two imperfect people become one, and we believe that when you identify and discuss these in the context of biblical community, you’ll be ready to face the highs and lows together!


Life Application Classes

Your Work Matters


Fall 2020

Why do we work? Can our faith impact our work more than it does? Why did God introduce Himself in the first verse of the Bible as a worker?

If you’ve ever considered these questions, join us for a six-week class about faith and work. A group of men and women working in multiple Fort Worth industries will facilitate a study designed to challenge and encourage you in your work. We believe God entrusts us with our vocations because He promises that our toil, identity, questions, plans and interactions with our work are rooted in Him and can change our city.




re|engage offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness. Whether you would rate your marriage as a two or 10, whether you are in need of serious help or looking to strengthen from a good to great marriage, there is a place for you at re|engage. Each week, couples learn through stories of grace, teaching, testimonies by couples who have experienced victory in the midst of hard times and small groups which follow a specified curriculum. Questions? Email Ryan at RyanM@christchapelbc.org


How People Change*


Living in this fallen world is messy, but the truth of the gospel changes everything. In “How People Change,” you can dive deep into the transformative truth of Jesus’ work on the cross and discover how it targets our hearts, core desires and motivations. When our hearts change, our behaviors do too — this class will teach you how you can change and help others do the same.

*Not currently meeting. For audio, click below.


Overwhelmed: Dealing with Fear, Stress and Anxiety*


We all feel it at times—life comes at us at lightning speed from a hundred directions. The demands, duties and deadlines won’t let up. And apparently, some people are able to float above it all with a peace that transcends all understanding. (Really?) Come explore what it looks like to deal with fear, stress and anxiety in a way that works for the rest of us who don’t always feel so spiritual. 

*Not currently meeting. For audio, click below.


Relational Wisdom*


Relational Wisdom  is a six-week class designed to teach you about improving the ways you go about developing authentic, enjoyable, productive and lasting relationships. Specifically, relational wisdom is the ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word, and then use this insight to manage your responses and relationships successfully.


*Not currently meeting



We all experience brokenness to some degree or another and at different times in our life. When faced with difficulties, most of us respond by focusing on changing behavior or circumstances without addressing the root causes of our struggles. Thrive is a Christ-centered discipleship program that takes us to the root of the sin and suffering in our lives and leads us to embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s finished work on our behalf.


“I’m Not Angry, I’m Just …”


“I’m not angry, I’m just …” Have you ever found yourself saying this? If so, how do you most often finish it? “I’m not angry, I’m just … irritated? Tired of this? Having a hard time letting this go? Discouraged? However you finish the statement, the presence of anger is deceptive, but real. And when it’s not dealt with, destructive. Come and learn what the Bible prescribes for the troublesome emotion of anger in a two-week class.


*Not currently meeting

Toxic Emotions: Understanding and Dealing with Unwelcome Feelings


We all welcome some emotions — joy, excitement, relief. But others? Not so much. Bitterness, anxiety, depression, regret and embarrassment are all feelings that can barge in, boss us around and wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. The key is understanding these emotions and what God has to say about them. With that knowledge, we can begin to process and engage with even the most toxic emotions in a healthy way.

For questions about the class, email Ryan at RyanM@christchapelbc.org.



What the world needs most today are believers who have a renewed commitment to fulfill the Great Commission! As complicated and confusing as our Christian life can be, the mission is simple: be a disciple who makes disciples. Check back for details on when the class will meet next!

*not currently meeting


Figure out how God has uniquely gifted you to serve! The class is all online and ready for you.

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With so many uncertainties about the future, we know income changes are a major concern for lots of people right now. If that’s you, we want to offer Financial Peace University as a way to gain wisdom and control over your finances. The online class will teach you how to handle your money wisely, with deep dives into budgeting, saving, giving and looking to the future. 

*not currently meeting



Our leadership development programs help leaders discover, develop and pursue the life God has called them to. These programs focus on Bible-based discipleship, mentoring and hands-on ministry experience to help leaders dive deep into their callings.

Christ Chapel Leadership Residency (in partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary)

The Christ Chapel Leadership Residency (CCLR) is a residency that blends the mission and vision of Christ Chapel Bible Church (CCBC) with the world-class education of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Together our purpose is to educate and equip the next generation of church leaders to fulfill their calling in vocational ministry. CCLR exists to fill the gap between seminary education and hands-on ministry experience. 

CCLR is built upon the strengths of two world-class organizations. By combining the vision and culture of CCBC with the theological teaching and training of DTS, our residency program positions itself as a unique experience that prepares graduates for faithful and effective ministry in a local church context. With the teaching of DTS faculty, such as Dr. Mark Yarbrough, Dr. Barry Jones, and Dr. Jonathan Murphy, (among others) along with the access to seasoned, experienced pastors at Christ Chapel, our hope is that this program will give you the tools you need to fulfill God’s calling on your life. 


Young Adult Residency

The Young Adult Residency at Christ Chapel is a paid, Bible-based discipleship program that exists to equip the next generation of leaders to impact the church and our city for Christ.


Faith + Work Fellowship

The Faith and Work Fellowship (FWF) is a nine-month leadership development program for young professionals who want to learn how to integrate their faith in the workplace. We want to see real transformation in our own lives and in the great city of Fort Worth, which means we must take discipleship and mission to the places where we spend most of our lives —work!

Faith and Work fellows do daily devotionals, weekly readings and discussion meetings, monthly trainings, several retreats and projects throughout the year.

The Fellowship is a nine month program which includes:

  • Daily devotionals unite the group through guided scriptural and devotional readings.
  • Weekly two hour meetings allow discussion of the extensive reading of major texts from various eras of church history.
  • Monthly Saturday gatherings provide in-depth training and city excursions.
  • Three retreats: a fall, mid-winter and spring weekend— focus on personal reflection and spiritual formation.
  • Three Projects translate theology into real-life practice.
  • Homework/Reading include 2/3 hours a week of study time.
  • Attendance required; only three absences allowed.

This fee helps offset program expenses and includes all reading materials, retreats, and Saturday gatherings.

Establish solid theological foundations from teachings, readings and group discussions.
Cultivate spiritual disciplines and Biblical reflection through guided daily devotionals.
Reflect and Converse about real-life experiences of living and working in the City.
Build strong relationships within the Fellowship and the Christ Chapel community.
Engage the art and culture of Fort Worth, TX.

Fellowship begins September 2020. Application deadline: TBA



Faith & Work

Applicant Information



Current Employment


Please list your two recommenders below (no family members). At least one recommender should be able to address your spiritual maturity, such as a pastor or small group leader.

A. Personal Background

Please answer the following questions (less than 250 words per question).

B. Program Expectations

Leadership Experience

Leadership Lifters

A monthly breakfast or lunch in your work arena that would allow you to have an impact on those you influence both at your work and in the surrounding marketplace. The gathering is centered around an interesting leadership topic. Someone from our Lifters team will help you launch the ministry.

If you have any questions about Leadership Lifters, contact Dr. Ted Kitchens at TedK@christchapelbc.org.



Accredited classes through Dallas Theological Seminary 

(MBTS) Master of Biblical and Theological Studies

The MBTS is a 36-hour degree designed for working professionals and laypersons who desire to be equipped to serve in the workforce, at home, and in the church. This course can be taken completely online.

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(MACL) Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

The MACL program is designed to help men and women learn how God has uniquely gifted them to lead in whatever ministry setting they are called to serve. This includes preparation for organizational leadership roles in church, parachurch, missions, and marketplace contexts.

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Christ Chapel’s blog, -ology, publishes new stories on faith and living every week. There’s always something new to read and learn.

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Minister to Men Ken Miller has blogged through the Bible, Old and New Testaments, for nearly 10 years. Every post, which he’s now turned into a daily podcast as well, provides an easy-to-understand summary of the day’s Bible passage along with insights that are easy to understand and apply.


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Bible Reading Plans

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Grow Pastor and Director of The Center for Christian Growth


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Grow Ministry Assistant and Worship Service Coordinator