Well, this July 4th (like most of 2020) is probably going to look a little different than usual. If you’re prepping for a likely long-weekend at home, don’t despair! Here are some suggestions for how to celebrate the holiday at home.

Build a water park in your yard
That’s right — bring the park to yourself this year! You’ll need some basic supplies to create your own slip ’n slide (click here for ideas). After that, just add in a pool (in-ground or blow up) and a sprinkler system, and you’ve got your very own staycation water bash.

Make the July 4th meal of your dreams
Who says you have to stick to just hot dogs or hamburgers? Declare this weekend the all-out cookout of your dreams and make it all: hot dogs, burgers, barbecue, watermelon, potato salad, homemade ice cream, coleslaw, grilled pineapple, grilled corn … what are we missing? Ok, add that too!

Stream a pops concert
If you’ll be missing the pomp and circumstance of a patriotic performance, there’s good news! The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra will be streaming a performance called “America Strong” from Dickies Arena. The show will also feature artists from Fort Worth Opera, The Cliburn and Texas Ballet Theater. It’ll be available to watch on WFAA-Channel 8 this Saturday, July 4 at 9 p.m. and online afterwards.

If you’re planning to stay away from a large firework gathering (most are closed to the public anyways), you can still get sparklers for own backyard show!

Make gourmet, berry-infused red, white and blue popsicles
A three-day weekend is a great excuse to make something you wouldn’t normally bother with, like your very own popsicles! You can order popsicle molds online and Google how to make your favorite flavor. In the spirit of the day, berry red, white and blue pops sound pretty ideal.

Lead your own neighborhood parade
A few weeks ago, I was walking in a nearby park when an elderly lady came tooling by on her bicycle. Mind you, this was a normal Saturday, but her bike was decked out with streamers and flags and she was playing music as she pedaled past me. It brought me so much delight! If your crew needs to get out on a mini-adventure, deck out your bikes with streamers and signs like my new friend, and ride through your neighborhood to celebrate the holiday weekend.

Tie-dye something red, white and blue
Tie dye has come back in a fierce way this year. You can jump on the bandwagon by grabbing a white T-shirt, pair of shorts or even socks, and following an online tutorial (there are so many, even Kids Kamp has one this year!).

Have a movie marathon
A three-day weekend calls for at least a movie or two, right? Take your movie-watching up a notch by using a projector to play the movies outside in your backyard on a sheet or side wall. Prefer the comfort of a/c? Build a giant fort with blankets and lots of pillows in your living room.

Pick blueberries in East Texas
This suggestion isn’t something you can do at home, but picking blueberries outside at a Texas farm is still a safe, socially-distanced activity. My friends and I have been visiting Blueberry Hill Farm in Edom, TX for years. You’ll have plenty of room outside to pick berries away from others. Just remember your mask for going inside the store — their homemade blueberry soft serve, pie and donuts are not to be missed.

Host your own Family Olympics
Just because the summer games are postponed in Tokyo does not mean you can’t bring a little friendly competition to your own household! This suggestion is inspired by one of my best friends whose family hosts a Family Olympics every year. A few of her suggestions? Pair everyone up in teams of two. Everyone competes in three rounds of games, which can be as simple as Minute to Win It challenges. Give a trophy to the winners — it can be a little league trophy or something you create with items from your junk drawer!


Caitlin Rodgers

Kids Kamp is here for the summer!
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