Far, far away from rush hours, packed schedules and coffees to-go lives an easy, breezy land called Brunch. It’s a sun-shiney place where bacon is a basic right, coffee flows with no end in sight and visitors are free to graze slowly through a masterful combo of breakfast and lunch. Yes, brunch is a beloved pastime and truly fantastic reason to gather up your friends to while away a few hours. Here’s some of the best spots in town so you’re ready the next time the weekend rolls around.


Fort Worth:

Run by the same folks as Fort Worth’s beloved Joe T. Garcia’s, Esperanza’s is a true Fort Worth staple. They serve up a mean migas, but there are plenty of options where that came from – their traditional Tex-Mex is served all day long. Bonus: You can stop by their bakery (located next door) to grab a sweet treat before heading on your way!

Cat City Grill
From shrimp & grits to the brunch burger and French toast, every bit of Cat City Grill’s brunch menu is a hit. full of items that will lull you into an afternoon nap shortly after paying your bill. Make you you get in early – brunch only lasts a few hours on Sundays!

Cork & Pig
There’s something for everyone at Cork & Pig, a modern bistro in the West 7th area. Try as you might, there’s no denying the curiosity around their Fruity Pebbles French Toast – topped with cinnamon ice cream and maple syrup. We recommend trying it with a friend so that you can balance the sweet with the salty by way of their house-inspired pizza dubbed “The Pig.”

Another Fort Worth Classic, Lucile’s has been a family favorite for decades. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast classic, a benedict or breakfast pizza, there are delicious choices galore. Just make sure you start with a round of beignets or a fresh, hot cinnamon roll.

The Tavern
Next time you make your way to Trader Joe’s, divert to its neighbor, The Tavern, for a delicious first stop. They not only offer hearty dishes like the sumptuous beef brisket hash, but inventive options including Frosted Flake French toast and blueberry sausage. It’s the perfect way to ease into the weekend – especially if you’ll be trying your luck in finding a TJ’s harrowing parking spot afterward.

Righteous Foods
“Good for the body. Good for the soul. Great to taste.” That’s what Righteous Foods is all about – morning, noon and night. From their Green Egg Chilaquiles & Ham to their Meaty Omelet, everything RF serves is organic and from reputable sources.

Press Café
Brunch with a side of nature, Press Café is Fort Worth in a snapshot: great food and friends with a side of nature. The café is located next to the Trinity River with a view of bikers and runners passing by. In the late-morning hours, tables are hard to snag on the patio, so we recommend showing up early or grabbing a coffee by the fire pit while you wait.

There’s something for everyone at this sunny-side up, downtown spot. Waits can be up to two hours on Sundays after church so plan accordingly, but don’t be deterred. It’s a great spot to gather with friends and while away a few hours.

You’ll be glad you woke up for this A.M. eatery. Their pancakes are over the top, lick your plate good. That’s not mention the smorgasbord of hearty dishes they also offer on a daily basis.

Bonus: Old-School Breakfast Diners
We can’t help but mention some of Fort Worth’s classic diners as well. Perhaps king of the class, Ol’South is a mainstay for light night cravings. Montgomery St. Café has been open for over 70 years and Vickery Café is famed for fresh squeezed orange juice alongside Texas-shaped waffles.



Our Place Restaurant
There’s often a line out the door (a very good sign when it comes to brunch), but the wait is worth it. Our Place is a family favorite (and has been for years) thanks to their offering of pancakes, waffles, omelets and more.

Dwell Coffee & Biscuits
Specializing in biscuits, Dwell has inventively taken the breakfast basic and turned it up several notches with creative twists — gingerbread and cream cheese frosting, cinnamon roll, honey glazed ham, cookie dough and more. They match the homemade biscuits with coffee, packing a one-two munch to start the day.


Parker County

Aledo Diner
A local home-cooking café, the diner offers the best of Aledo: a true hometown feel. It’s a classic that earns a spot on any best-of list.

Bearcat Café
Don’t let the former gas station location fool you – Bearcat Café is an excellent option for brunch-time cravings. While they may not earn lots of points for ambiance, they serve up breakfast tacos, burgers, coffee and lots more delicious options to boot.

Sunny Street Café
You’re sure to have a sun-shiney day at Sunny Street Café. They specialize in breakfast and lunch all day long which means the buttermilk pancakes, egg benedict and big BLTs are on heavy rotation. Slide in any time to live that brunch life.




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