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We believe God is our help and our hope in times of trouble. We also believe God uses His Word, His Spirit and His people to provide this comfort. Sometimes people feel that reaching out for help is a show of weakness or lack of spirituality, but the Bible is clear that we need help from others in order to grow emotionally and spiritually. Whether you are burdened and suffering through life’s issues or simply want help in growing closer to Christ, Soul Care desires to help you find a fulfilling relationship with Christ and with others.


2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Looking for help?


If you are struggling, know that you are not alone. We offer biblical care in a variety of contexts including groups, couples, and individual care.The Biblical care that is provided through soul care is primarily through trained volunteers and are not licensed counselors. Please note that we do not offer group or individual care for minors under the age of 18; neither do we offer emergency or crisis care. Click below to get started.


Soul Care

Please read the Informed Consent here

Welcome to Soul Care! Our goal is to help you meet the challenges of life in a way that will please and honor the Lord Jesus Christ and allow you to fully enjoy His love for you and His plans for your life (Galatians 6:1-2, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 1 Thessalonians 5:14).

What You Can Expect From Us
We believe that the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life. Therefore, both our individual care and groups are based on scriptural principles rather than those of secular psychology or psychiatry. Neither the pastoral nor the lay caregivers or leaders of this church are licensed as psychotherapists or mental health professionals, nor should they be expected to follow the methods of such specialists. Therefore, if you have significant legal, financial, medical or other technical questions, you should seek advice from an independent professional. Our pastoral lay counselors and group leaders will be happy to cooperate with such advisors and help you to consider their counsel in the light of relevant scriptural principles.

If we believe that our care is not what is needed for you during this time, then we will give you a referral in the surrounding area.

What We Expect From You

· Consistent attendance and timely notification of cancellations. If a counselee or group participant is unable to keep an appointment or attend a group session, he or she must contact his or her respective counselor or group leaders to cancel in a timely manner. Notification of cancelation is expected at least 24 hours in advance. Consistent failure to do so or two consecutive cancelations without good cause will result in termination of counseling and/or group participation. Not showing up constitutes canceling. We understand emergencies happen, so please keep us informed.

· Complete all homework assignments. The counselee or participant commits to complete all assignments before each meeting. Continued lack of completion of homework will lead to termination of counseling or removal from a group.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the care process, and we will carefully guard the information you entrust to us. We believe that it is important that the counselee be able to assume that their private communications with the lay counselor be kept private.

In order to provide the best possible care, counselors and/or group leaders will attend a bi-weekly supervision meeting in which they will receive continuing education from Christ Chapel pastoral staff and will have an

opportunity to consult with others (CCBC staff, lay counselors, group leaders) should there be an uncertainty about the best counsel to give participants/counselees.

Because we are continually training others to be effective caregivers, we ask that you agree to allow counselors in training to be present during your sessions. For security and training purposes, sessions are continually recorded to the in-house security/monitoring system. These recorded sessions will only be used for training purposes, including supervision of your own counselors and also extending to the training of other counselors. There is a strict confidentiality policy that the content of the recorded sessions would not be exposed outside of the ministry, except where noted in this consent.

As a church ministry, we submit to the governing authorities. When it is required, we will report child abuse, elder abuse or abuse of disabled persons. When a person is a danger to themselves or others we will inform others to help keep any harm from being done. It may also be necessary for a lay counselor or group leader to share information with others when a person persistently refuses to renounce a particular sin and the assistance of others in the church if necessary to encourage repentance and reconciliation (see Proverbs 15:22; 24:11; Matthew 18:15-20)

Resolution of Conflicts
On rare occasions a conflict may develop between a pastoral counselor, lay counselor or a group leader and a counselee or group participant. In order to make sure that any such conflicts will be resolved in a biblically faithful manner, we require all of our group participants and counselees to agree that any dispute that arises with a counselor and/or group leader or with this church as a result of lay counseling or group participation will be settled by mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Institute for Christian Conciliation; judgment upon an arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.

Having clearly stated the principles and policies of our ministry, we welcome the opportunity to minister to you in the name of Christ and to be used by Him as He helps you to grow in spiritual maturity and prepares you for usefulness in His body. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please talk with a pastor or elder. If these guidelines are acceptable to you, please type initials in space indicated on form.

Interested in serving with Soul Care?


If you have a heart to help those who are hurting, there are many ways you can join us and serve.




Start dates: Wednesdays, Jan. 8 and Jan. 15
6:30 p.m.
The Commons


Start date: Tuesday, Jan. 7 and Jan. 14
6:30 p.m.
South Campus Office Building

Start dates: Sundays, Jan. 5 and Jan. 12
5 p.m.
Link Classroom North

What is re|engage?
re|engage offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through stories of grace, teaching and small groups. Whether you would rate your marriage as a two or 10, whether you are in need of serious help or looking to strengthen from a good to great marriage, there is a place for you at re|engage.    

How do I sign up?
re|engage opens for new couples three times a year: January-February, April-May and August-September. To jump into the next session of re|engage at your campus, register now (see links above). Attendance for a couple of weeks is required before being moved into a small group.

Please note that registering does not guarantee a spot in re|engage – registration and three out of four weeks attendance with active participation are both key components in earning a spot in a re|engage small group. 

Wondering what to expect at re|engage?
On your first night you’ll join us for a large group time which consists of a testimony or teaching, and then you will go to open group. The open group is a time for you learn more about the heart of re|engage as a ministry, meet other couples and determine if you, as a couple, are ready to commit to working through the re|engage curriculum within a small group. During your first three visits you will also have the opportunity to indicate your readiness to be a part of a small group.  

Once placed in a small group, your leader couple will take the group of five couples through 14 lessons of re|engage curriculum. We do ask that you only commit to a small group if you can commit to not missing more than two weeks. For more information, please click the “FAQ” button below.  

More questions? Email Ryan at



re|engage FAQ

re|engage - Frequently Asked Questions   

When and where does re|engage meet?
re|engage is open to new couples in January and August. re|engage meets at Christ Chapel’s Fort Worth and West Campuses.

Fort Worth Campus meets on Sundays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in Link Classroom North. The Fort Worth Campus address is 3701 Birchman Ave., Fort Worth, TX, 76107.

West Campus meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The West Campus address is 3910 E. I-20 Frontage Rd. S., Willow Park, TX 76087.  

South Campus will begin meeting in late August 2019 at The Depot (428 SW Johnson Ave., Burleson).

  • Does re|engage meet in the summer? 
  • We offer a modified re|engage experience in the summer. Participation starts in April and small groups begin in May. This summer session is reserved for regular attendees of Christ Chapel Bible Church.

What is the origin of re|engage? 
The program was launched at Watermark Community Church in September 2008 and has since expanded to other churches in the DFW area and nationwide.  Christ Chapel Bible Church, under the Soul Care Ministry, began its first pilot season in the fall of 2014 with a launch to the congregation in February of 2015.   

What does a typical night at re|engage “look like”?
The format of Sunday night is as follows:
5 to 5:25 p.m. – Large Group Time (testimony or teaching)
5:30 to 6:30 p.m. – Small Group Time
– The first three times you attend you will discuss a small re|engage lesson with the other couples.
– Small Group: When/if you and your spouse decide to join a small group, we will place you in a group with four to five other couples and a facilitator couple. Together as a couple you will work through a re|engage participant’s guide. Once this group starts, you can expect it to last 14 weeks. 

The format of a Wednesday night is as follows:
6:30 to 6:55 p.m. – Large Group Time (testimony or teaching)
7 to 8 p.m. – Small Group Time
– The first three times you attend you will discuss a small re|engage lesson with the other couples.
– Small Group: When/if you and your spouse decide to join a small group, we will place you in a group with four to five other couples and a facilitator couple. Together as a couple you will work through a re|engage participant’s guide. Once this group starts, you can expect it to last 14 weeks. 

How much does re|engage cost?
We ask for a couple to pay $40 to be a part of re|engage after being assigned to a small group. There is no charge to attend an open group. We know that finances can be difficult at times for any couple so if money is an issue, please let us know. Do not let finances be a barrier to starting re|engage.   

Will I be asked a lot of personal questions at re|engage?
There is no personal sharing required during the large group meeting. Though we encourage you to remain active in group discussion, any personal sharing during the small group meetings is voluntary.  

How do I know that what I share at re|engage will be kept confidential? Will it be a safe place to share?
We believe that scripture calls us to refrain from gossip and we ask all participants and facilitators to adhere to the guidelines that what is discussed in the group stays in the group.  re|engage facilitators are encouraged to operate under the direction of God’s Word in handling the information shared in the group.  In order to provide a safe environment, the facilitators commit to not share information about others outside the group except in the event of the threat of physical, emotional or spiritual injury, then to be dealt with under the guidance of re|engage staff.      

Can I be honest with people about what is going on in our marriage?
Our prayer is that you will feel safe to share within your small group. We find that the more authentic and transparent couples can be with others, the more they find hope and healing within their marriage.   

Is re|engage marriage counseling?
re|engage is not marriage counseling. Facilitator couples are not counselors but rather shepherd leaders of the group. They are also growing in their own marriages. Everyone in the group is on the journey to oneness in marriage. We believe God works through vulnerable community centered on His word and empowered by His Spirit to grow and resurrect marriages. 

What makes re|engage different than other ministries?
There are five key distinctions to the re|engage ministry:
1. 17-week ministry  (three weeks of open group and 14 weeks of small group)
2. Focus on Christ for growth and change
Looks to bring about heart transformation
4. Through developing biblical community
5. Emphasis on sharing vulnerably  

Do you provide child care?
Fort Worth Campus Child Care Information:
Kids Care is available for children, ages 6 weeks through Grade 4 (through age 11) on Sunday nights. RSVPs must be made by Wednesdays each week (before you attend on Sunday). If you have children in Grades 5-6 or 7-8, they can attend our Fifth + Sixth Ministry or Middle School Ministry activities that take place at the same time.

West Campus Child Care Information:
Kids Care is available for children, ages 6 weeks through Grade 4 (through age 11) on Wednesday nights. RSVPs must be made by Sundays each week (before you attend on Wednesday.

Can I just come and visit, or do I have to commit to something?
Until you join a closed small group, there is no commitment required.  Your first night you will join us at 5 p.m. (FWC) 6:30 p.m. (WC) for a large group time which will be a teaching or testimony, and then you will go to the open group. The open group is a great place for you to hear more about the heart and history behind re|engage. You’ll also have a chance to ask any questions that you might have about the process.    

How much time each week outside of the meeting is required to be part of re|engage?
30 to 60 minutes for individually answering the questions and 60-90 minutes discussing your answers with your spouse between meetings. Please note that your involvement with the material and discussions with your spouse is the biggest predictor of significant change. Attending only the groups and large group time without the work in-between will only minimally impact your experience.  

What commitment do I have to make?
Once you are placed in a re|engage closed small group, working through the re|engage curriculum will require at least a 14-week commitment.  This is the time in which the group is working through the curriculum together.    

I don’t know if I’ll have a marriage by the end of the month. Is re|engage a good place for us?
Absolutely! There are many couples who have attended, or are attending, who are separated or divorced. While the outcome is based on the work each individual is willing to do to save their marriage, the platform provides a safe place to focus on what a healthy marriage should look like, and it provides some tools to help grow toward this goal.  

We don’t like spending time with each other anymore. Will we have to interact together?
While you will be in a small group together, each of you will be sharing about what you learn personally each week. There are exercises that will require you to interact with each other throughout the process.  

I have no hope anymore. Is this a place where we can find hope?
We hope that the basis of your hope will be found in your relationship with your Savior even more than the hope of a good marriage. Individuals who use this time to grow closer to Jesus also find the greatest change and growth in their marriages.  

My marriage is doing well. Can we benefit by attending re|engage?
Yes, absolutely! We all need more help than we realize and invite you to trust that Jesus has more for you and your marriage than you have already experienced. Sometimes we are too easily satisfied and don’t realize that there is not only room to change, but a need to change. 

How do you choose which couples are in each group?
Prayerfully, we base the decision on the readiness of the couples and what would offer the maximum opportunity for growth. In general, the groups are multi-generational.  We do not do (offer) age-specific groups, but there will often be at least one couple in your group that is close in age.  This also depends on who is ready to be a part of the small group (have they attended 3 times and also indicated they are ready to be a part of the group). 

Occasionally we are asked if an existing small group may attend together.  Our extensive experience has shown that this is not often the best approach. Vulnerability and effectiveness can be hampered if a preceding pattern of hiddenness between two or more couples exists.  

For any other questions regarding re|engage, please contact Ryan at



We all experience brokenness to some degree or another and at different times in our life. When faced with difficulties, most of us respond by focusing on changing behavior or circumstances without addressing the root causes of our struggles. Thrive is a Christ-centered discipleship program that takes people to the root of sin and suffering and leads us to embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s finished work on our behalf.

Thrive consists of daily Bible study and reflection, one-on-one Soul Care mentoring, sharing vulnerably in small groups and a large-group teaching time.

Having a mentor who meets one on one with you once per week in addition to the small group time is one of the amazing benefits of being a part of Thrive. If you already have someone in your life who is walking along side you, we would like to challenge you to ask them to serve as your mentor during the Thrive process. At the bottom of the page you will find a link entitled “Identifying Your Thrive Mentor” that will help you discern if there is already someone in your life who can fill that role. If you do not have anyone who is currently acting as a mentor in your life, please indicate this on your application. We have a limited number of mentors that we can pair with participants who do not have a mentor, however your chances of being accepted into the Thrive program will be higher if you have already identified someone in your life who is willing to walk with you through this particular program.

Thrive lasts 13 weeks and is offered twice a year. At this time, we are primarily serving regularly Christ Chapel attenders or those who do not have a church home.

The Thrive application is available below. One of the main purposes of the Thrive application is for our staff to be able to get to know you prior to the Thrive process and assess if Thrive is the right fit for you. Thank you for taking the time to fill it out thoroughly!

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, fear, hopelessness, spiritual discontentment, broken relationships, pornography, poor habits, disordered eating, anger —or if you are stuck in a particular area of life join us for a season at Thrive where you can be real, be challenged and be changed.

Questions about Thrive? Email Christina at

Thrive Fall 2019 is now closed. The next session of Thrive will begin February 2020. Applications will be available beginning Fall 2019.


Thrive Participant Application
First and Last

Soul Care Map


Next Generation Kids Care

Reminder: Next Generation Kids Care is available for infants through pre-school for morning events and through age 11 for afternoon and evening events.
*IF you do not see your event listed please email Michelle at
If none please type in "None".

Identifying Your Thrive Mentor

How to identify someone in your life to walk with you through the Thrive process. 

What Qualities Are You Looking For? 

Mentoring with Soul Care is different than other types of discipleship and mentoring opportunities in a couple of ways: (1) it is not necessarily designed to be long term, you may not be meeting with this specific mentor for forever (2) the curriculum your mentor will be following is specific to the Thrive program and differs from other types of mentoring/discipleship (3) a Thrive mentor must have some personal experience with suffering or a pattern of sin in their life that the Lord has given them some degree of freedom from.

Below you will find a few of the characteristics that are important to consider when selecting a mentor.


-This person must attend Christ Chapel or consider Christ Chapel their church home
-Ideally your mentor is someone who has completed Thrive
-If they have not completed Thrive, they have demonstrated to you (over a long period of time) a heart for God, experience in life, and a love for people


-They love Jesus. They love, speak, and act towards others in a way that is consistent with His character. They operate under His authority.


-A mentor must be able to meet consistently with you (for 1-3 hours at a time) for 13 weeks throughout the Thrive process. They must also attend 4 training sessions throughout the time they are mentoring you in Thrive.
-Does this person follow through on obligations? Are there other areas of their life -where you can see consistent devotion?

Have the Conversation

Invite the person that you would like to mentor you to coffee, lunch, to watch a football game! You can give them this handout (particularly the information under Mentor Role and Expectations) for them to look and pray over after your meeting.

What Next?

Once you have identified your mentor and they have agreed to walk alongside you during your experience in Thrive, they will need to contact Libby Marler at or Michael Truss at in order to begin the mentor training and leadership development process. We will be able to answer any other specific questions that they might have about serving as a mentor.

Mentor Role and Expectations

Thrive is a very structured process of discipleship and, due to its brevity, requires competence, character, consistency, and commitment.

Role Description

Mentors will…

-Guide individuals in a one-on-one setting through deeper discussion and personal assessments that cover 6 main areas of sin and suffering (abuse, anger/resentment, sexual immorality, guilt/shame, fear, and grief).
-Learn to help identify root causes of brokenness in the mentee’s life.
-Show others how to walk in freedom found only in Christ through redemption by helping to build a biblical and theological foundation of understanding of the gospel.

One of the main ways that you will succeed as a Soul Care mentor is by knowing and sharing the story God has given you openly and honestly with your mentee. Mentoring with Soul Care is different than other types of discipleship and mentoring opportunities in that it is finite and is not designed to be long term, we encourage mentees to see this process as a season of intensive discipleship in the area of sin and suffering, not an ongoing process.

Time Commitment

You will meet weekly with your mentee(s) for 1-3 hours depending on where you are in the curriculum for 13 weeks. We ask the mentors commit to missing no more than one week of mentoring. The various offices at the Soul Care building will be made available to you during office hours or you may meet with your mentee at a time and location of your choosing (a coffee, restaurant, Central Market etc.).

Mentor Training Sessions

If this is the first time you are serving as a mentor, you will need to attend the two mentor training sessions listed below. Each of these session will focus on a specific aspect of mentoring and guide you through your role as a mentor. You will receive all of the mentoring materials during your first training session, nothing is required of you prior to this first training. The training dates are as follows:

9/7/17 – Mentor Training Part I – 5:30-7:00

10/12/17 – Mentor Check-In – 5:30-6:30

11/2/17 – Mentor Training Part II – 5:30-7:00

11/30/17 – Mentor Check-in – 5:30-6:30



GriefShare Surviving the Holidays 2019


Saturday, Nov. 23
10 a.m. to noon
North Link Classroom at the Fort Worth Campus
Cost: $6

When you are grieving a loved one’s death, the holiday season can be especially painful. Our Surviving the Holidays seminar helps participants prepare for the holidays and even discover hope for the future.  


For questions, please email Adelaide at



Thursdays, Sept. 19 through Nov. 21
6:15 to 8 p.m.
Soul Care Conference Room at the Fort Worth Campus

If you have lost a loved one, we are so sorry. Much healing can occur when people have the opportunity to talk about their grief, meet others who are dealing with similar circumstances and acquire valuable resources that can be used daily. The GriefShare group meets once a week for 10 weeks.


For questions, please email Adelaide at

Redeemed Heart Recovery


Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.
Soul Care Building
2600 Montgomery St., Fort Worth

Redeemed Heart Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step group for those interested in recovery from any addiction, obsession, compulsion, ruling heart desire, idolatry, etc. in a loving, non-judgmental and supportive environment.

We meet in the Soul Care Building at 2600 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107.


Facing Fear and Inadequacy – Men’s Group


There’s plenty of good reasons to be afraid in this life — we could lose a loved one, drop the ball at work, receive a bill that we can’t pay, etc. — but as grown men, acknowledging our fear does not come naturally to us. God knew that fear and worry would be common emotions for men to battle in everyday life. That’s why He has given us great hope in the Bible and in Jesus Christ! However you struggle, this seven-week small group will help you identify the source of your fears, gain strategies for handling them and learn to rest in God’s protective care. Join us this summer as we move towards change together. 

This group is for men only, age 18 and older. Each week you will do the lesson for the upcoming week and come prepared to discuss your answers. 

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Ryan at

Unashamed – Women’s Group 


Do you suffer from shame? Maybe you don’t know that you do because it’s often labeled as guilt. Everyone has experienced shame at some point in their lives – maybe it is related to a relationship, parenting, a secret sin, body image or countless other things. Do you feel isolated or alone in your shame? Join us for this small group as we bring the light of the gospel to the areas of your life that are tainted with shame. This group is designed to help women 21 and over. Each week you will read one or two chapters from the book outlined on the schedule.  

You will need to be able to commit to majority of the eight sessions, if you are going to miss two or more sessions we ask for you to wait for a group at a later date.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at

Freedom from Food Fixation Group for Women


If you have ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thought about food, you know how hopeless this struggle can feel.  The answer is seeking satisfaction in the right place. This group is designed to help women develop a healthier relationship with food through a stronger relationship with Christ! Each week you will read one or two chapters from the book outlined on the schedule. Make sure you answer the questions at the end of each chapter and come prepared to discuss them in group.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at

How to Be Free From Bitterness Group for Women


Do you find yourself focusing on another’s shortcomings more than your own? Do you tend to replay conversations and details of what someone did in your mind? Are you consumed with frustration toward someone? Whether you know it are not, these are classic signs of bitterness. Bitterness follows unwanted experiences, failures, disappointments and setbacks that are perceived to be beyond our control. But in Christ, we have the opportunity to pull up the root of bitterness.

Join us for a small group experience where you will have the opportunity to go through curriculum designed to help free us from bitterness and complete weekly homework that we’ll discuss in a small group setting. This group is for women only, age 21 and older.  You will need to be able to commit to majority of the sessions, if you are going to miss two or more sessions we ask that you wait for a group at a later date.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at

Uninvited: Living Loved When you Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely – Women’s Group


Do you feel left out, lonely and less than?  This group for women digs deep into God’s Word to help you identify the roots of rejections, overcome the damage done by past hurts and how they impact your relationships today, and fully grasp what it looks like to live loved by Christ. This group is for women only, age 21 and older.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at

Uprooting Anger – Men’s Group


If you struggle with irritation, complaining, bitterness or other forms of anger, join us for a six-week small group study. In Christ, we have been equipped with what we need to uproot our anger in its many forms. Join us for a small group experience that will involve weekly homework and discussions that will both convict and encourage. This group is for men 21 years old or older. You will need to be able to commit to majority of the sessions, so if you are going to miss two or more sessions we ask for you to wait for a group at a later date. 

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Ryan at

Women’s Redeemed Sexuality Group


This is a small group for Life Stage 2 women seeking healing and transformation in community. We’ll talk about pornography, masturbation, same-sex attraction, singleness and sexuality, fantasy life and sex in relationships.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at for women’s groups.

Men’s Redeemed Sexuality Group


Redeemed Sexuality Men’s group is a 8-week small group for men 22 and over that desire healing and transformation from pornography, masturbation, fantasy life, sex in relationships and/or same sex attraction.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Ryan at

Women’s Fear and Anxiety Group


Fear of the unknown, perfectionism, trying to fit – God knew that fear and worry would be common emotions for women to battle in everyday life. That’s why He has given us great hope in the Bible and in Jesus Christ! Whether we fight it at work, in our relationships, spiritual life or physical heath, this eight–week small group will help you identify the source of your fears, gain strategies for handling them and learn to rest in God’s protective care. If you deal with feeling paralyzed, entrapped or even enslaved by anxiety and worry, let’s move together towards change together.

This group is for women only, age 21 and older. You will need to be able to commit to majority of the sessions, if you are going to miss 2 or more sessions we ask that you wait for a group at a later date.

This group is currently not available. To be added to the interest list, please email Adelaide at



Soul Care classes are designed to help people continue to grow in their understanding of how the gospel offers hope and healing for the things that they are currently struggling with. God’s Word tells us in Galatians 6:1-2 that those who are spiritual should restore those who are hurting and struggling with sin. At Soul Care, we believe everyone has been equipped through the Spirit and the Word of God to comfort and care for the suffering. Soul Care is committed to encouraging and training the members of the body of Christ to do just that. These classes are offered at different times throughout the year. 

Toxic Emotions: Understanding and Dealing with Unwelcome Feelings


Sundays, Oct. 13 through Nov. 17
9:15 a.m.
Link Classroom South

We all welcome some emotions — joy, excitement, relief. But others? Not so much. Bitterness, anxiety, depression, regret and embarrassment are all feelings that can barge in, boss us around and wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. The key is understanding these emotions and what God has to say about them. With that knowledge, we can begin to process and engage with even the most toxic emotions in a healthy way.

Join us this fall and learn how to handle the unwelcome feelings that life brings our way.


For questions about the class, email Ryan at

For Better, For Worse: A Four Week Soul Care Class on Marriage 


We all know that marriage has its ups and downs, but it’s another thing to experience it! Whether you are happily married or just hanging on by a thread, come and be reminded of God’s good agenda through the highs and lows. Beyond that, be encouraged and equipped from the Scriptures to love your spouse with a love that can only come from God. Contact Ryan at for questions.


Overwhelmed: Dealing with Fear, Stress and Anxiety


Sundays, September 15 through October 6
9:15 a.m.
Fort Worth Campus
Link Classroom South

We all feel it at times—life comes at us at lightning speed from a hundred directions. The demands, duties and deadlines won’t let up. And apparently, some people are able to float above it all with a peace that transcends all understanding. (Really?) Come explore what it looks like to deal with fear, stress and anxiety in a way that works for the rest of us who don’t always feel so spiritual.



I’m Not Angry, I’m Just …

A Two-Week Soul Care Class on Anger

“I’m not angry, I’m just …” Have you ever found yourself saying this? If so, how do you most often finish it? “I’m not angry, I’m just … irritated? Tired of this? Having a hard time letting this go? Discouraged? However you finish the statement, the presence of anger is deceptive, but real. And when it’s not dealt with, destructive. Come and learn what the Bible prescribes for the troublesome emotion of anger in a two-week class.

This class is for both men and women. For questions, email Ryan at

How People Change


Living in this fallen world is messy, but the truth of the gospel changes everything. Join Ryan McCarthy this spring and dive deep into the transformative truth of Jesus’ work on the cross and how it targets our hearts, core desires and motivations. You’ll discover that when our hearts change, our behaviors change as well. You’ll learn how you can truly change and help others do the same. This seven-week class includes lectures, class discussion, video clips and homework.

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Overcoming the Need to Please


Whether it comes in the form of over-committing, folding to others’ expectations, focusing on what others think of us, seeking attention or avoiding it, we all struggle to one degree or another with what the Bible calls the “fear of man.” This three-week class will help you address this nagging issue and replace it with something infinitely more life-giving and freeing. 




“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9). We all experience conflict, but the way it’s handled can either make our break our relationships. This five-week class will teach you how to resolve conflict in a biblical way so that God is glorified and your relationships are blessed. 

Relational Wisdom


The Relational Wisdom Class is a six-week class designed to teach you how to improve your ability to develop authentic, enjoyable, productive, and lasting relationships. Specifically, relational wisdom is the ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret them in the light of God’s Word, and to use this insight to manage your responses and relationships successfully. 


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