The days are longer, school weeks are dwindling and wild flowers are blooming up and down the highway. The weather is sunny, temps are up and we’re all trying to find an excuse to get outside for extra vitamin C. Yep, spring has definitely arrived! Before summer rolls in and stays well into October, we want to help you make the most of this glorious season. That’s why, without further ado, we’re happy to share a few ideas for saluting spring.


Find a patio … stat!
Spring is the perfect combination of longer days and cooler temps. It’s only a matter of time before summer blows in with its blistery hot days so we’ve got to make haste and enjoy the days we’ve got! Luckily, we have no shortage of patios to gather on with friends and family for a meal (or two or three). Forever and always, Joe T. Garcia’s is the crowned king of Funkytown patios, but you also can’t go wrong with Woodshed, Press Café, Rodeo Goat, Central Market and HG Sply Co. To be honest, though, that’s only the beginning of your options!

Plan a picnic
It’s true that picnics aren’t for everyone, but if you love any excuse to be outside, pack a meal and head out the door. You don’t have to go far – your own backyard will do – but if you’re feeling adventurous, head to a neighborhood park. Bring a blanket (if you’re afraid the ground will be damp, bring a plastic shower curtain to go under the blanket!) and if you have a portable hammock, definitely grab that too. Pillows are also a great idea for lounging, but more than anything, keep it simple. Grab food to-go if that sounds easiest. Bring a book or board game if you’d like. The point is to enjoy it!

Take to the trails
Thanks to extra hours of daylight, there’s more time to take in one of DFW’s greatest natural assets, the Trinity Trails. They make for a great post-work/class activity, especially when you invite along a friend or the whole family. Whether you go by two feet (running or walking), two wheels (bike or scooter) or are accompanied by a four-legged friend, take to the trails to take in the season and city.

Celebrate before summer break
For lots of us, spring brings the end of some kind of routine in our lives – school days, home group gatherings, Bible studies and more. Before summer sets in with a looser schedule, take time to celebrate what the fall, winter and spring have brought with them. What life events have you walked through with the members of your home group? How have you seen God work? What changes has the last school year brought for your kids and your family? Take some time to notice what God has done, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned – the perspective will carry you into summer with a fuller heart.

Get to an event

There’s no shortage of events to take you out and about during the spring. In the next month alone Fort Worth will host an opera festival, a musical festival, Friday on the Green, Mayfest, the Charles Schwab Challenge and Lanterns in the Garden at the Botanic Garden. If that’s not enough, get a head start on Concerts in the Garden and plan your annual summer celebration.

Pick a spring study
With lots of home groups taking a break during the summer, you may be looking for a new Bible study to be a part of for the spring and summer. Band of Brothers and Women in the Word, our men’s and women’s Bible studies, will begin new, abbreviated studies in May. Guys will be in the book of Philippians talking about how to live with joy and humility. Ladies will be learning about five unique names the Bible uses for Jesus – each name says something special about Jesus and His promises for us. Check out the studies here.

Cook something of the season
Another telltale sign that spring is here? The fresh food that shows up in more regularity at the grocery store. If you’re looking to experiment with a spring-worthy menu, try incorporating any of the following: apricots, avocados, carrots, mangoes, pineapple, spinach, artichokes, rhubarb, honeydew, limes, oranges, snow peas, strawberries, green beans, butter lettuce and asparagus.

Catch a Rangers game while temps are still double digits
There’s never a better time to root for the home team! Springtime games at Globe Life Park are a great choice for family or friend-group outings. While you’re there, if you feel daring, check out one of the newest items on the ballpark’s menu: The Fowl Pole, a two-pound tender hand-battered and fried to crispy perfection.

Tackle some spring cleaning
While probably not first on your fun list, spring cleaning has a lot of benefits including helping you transition out of winter and prepare for summer. Here are a few ideas for rolling up your sleeves and taking on spring cleaning: machine wash your shower curtain and window treatments; dust bookshelves; organize and clean out kitchen cabinets; tame your junk drawer; give away winter clothes you won’t wear again; wipe down door knobs, remote controls and light switches.




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